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People with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, pre-existing eye problems and cardiovascular disease must be careful when taking Viagra, as the chance of creating eyesight issues is a bit greater for them.

Viagra does not heal sex-related dysfunction.

Never integrate Viagra with nitrate-based medicines, as the mix can cause an unexpected drop in blood tension.

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If you experience issues with construction induced by some physical trauma or hormone disbalance, Viagra (sildenafil) can be recommended by your health and wellness care service provider.

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If you feel lightheadedness, pins and needles, tickling or discomfort in your jaw, arms, neck or chest throughout the intercourse quit and call your doctor when possible as you could be having a major side impact of Viagra.

“The following ones are feasible: heat or inflammation in your face or chest, stuffy nose, memory troubles, indigestion, frustration, and pain in the back.”